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Calibration Control System


Calibrating with ease

At IKKI we offer a more effecient way to document calibrations, we considering your time and resources our top priority.


Register all equipment data into the database server make it easier to manage preventing losing equipment and its data.


Calibration Plan/Scheduling

Planning and scheduling your equipment and master calibration date consists of two functions auto and manual. The auto function will add significant information and it will calculate how many equipments you need to calibrate per day. The manual function lets you adjust your schedule shifting days within the calendar. With these two distinctive functions, it can reduce your time in scheduling and manage your calibration plan more efficiently and effectively.

Calibration Task

Design especially for the calibrator to record all the data they need including calibration and master information into digital files and also support calibration regulation. With such an exceptional function you can store the data faster and can save up a lot of space to store the data.


Approval function

This function is meant for the manager to approve the calibrator works via the software in just one click result in bypassing the documenting process, life is never this easy before.


Wonder that your employees are really doing their job? , don't worry we've got you covered with the monitoring function to look up into any department you want.


NG repair

Allow you to restore a broken equipment back into database and will proceed to recalibrate to add to the database later.

Calibration log

Show a log of each of every equipment calibration data and show all the history of how many time the equipment have been calibrated, This make it more simple to check the history of any equipment and master as its data are being stored in the database and can be check at anywhere and anytime.


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