Optical Shaft Measuring


optical shaft

Measurably Closer

  Quality assurance starts directly in the production process Opiticline systems are available in your production environment. Cut rountes,save on rework and reduces the source s of errors for maximum reliability in production.

Measurably Faster

  Absolute precision within the shortest test time with maximum user-friendliness. Opticline systems innovates measuring system to complete measurements in seconds with high resolution and precise.

Measurably more successful

  Opticline systems offer a number of intelligent self-monitoring functions for lasting quality assurance, ensuring your company can achieve the maximum level of quality in production process and long-term economic success.

C305 C308 C314 C605 C608 C614 C908 C914
Measuring Capacity
Diameter (mm.) 0.2-50 0.5-80 0.2-140 0.2-50 0.2-80 0.2-140 0.2-80 0.2-140
Length (mm.) 300 300 300 600 600 900 900 900
Accuracy (MPE)
Diameter (mm.) (1.0+D[mm.]/200)µm
Length (mm.) (2.6+L[mm.]/200)µm