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Thai Metrology System

   There is a main policy in the business of selling dimension measurement tools for industrial dimension (DIMENSION) and having a repair service department for detailed measurement tools. By engineers who have expertise in specific measuring instruments, such as Profile Projector (detailed measurement tools with optical comparative methods), Non-Contact Video Measuring System (Fine Measurement Tools using Video Cameras) Roundness Measuring Machine (Roundness Meter), Surface Roundness Tester (Hardness Tester) Hardness Tester (Hardness Tester) Vernier Caliper Micrometer and many more. The company sells high quality products. Under the famous band from Japan, England, Germany, Taiwan etc. which are all accepted And widely used in industry

   The objective is to be a leader in the management, recruitment and distribution of detailed measuring instruments in factories from around the world to industrial plants throughout Thailand. We have personnel who have trained in knowledge of products and services. Excellent to meet the needs of products and services that satisfied customers.

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